This past week has been awesome!  While the renovations continue in the restaurant and wellness/retreat centre, we got cooking in the kitchen and our chefs made some delicious food. And yesterday capped it off with an informative and inspiring visit to Cookstown Greens, who will be supplying huge amounts of our organic vegetables.

Although close to Cookstown, Cookstown Greens is actually in the Hamlet of Egbert, which is also home to the Vipassana Centre Dhamma Torana - two amazing examples of human cooperation at work.


Stretched over 80 acres of rich, well rotated soil, Cookstown Greens has been growing organically there since 1988, constantly enriching the land over time.  The result is a panorama of colours and shapes, with full flavoured vegetables that are the best nature has to offer.  We were so impressed by their dedication to quality and sustainable farming, that we have renamed our Superfood Salad as the Cookstown Greens Salad! It will always be made with their superior quality 100% organic lettuce greens and sprouts, 12 months a year.


But salads are just the start of what we can do with their veggies.  Chef Laurie and Chef Dave toured the facility, getting some great seasonal menu ideas by surveying the available options. Just wait until you sink your teeth into some of these incredible organic bounties.


The retail fridge in our Elixir Bar will soon carry their sprout snack packs, and our Norwalk juicer will be pressing litres of their organic black carrot, but in the meantime, if you're in the Toronto area, you can buy Cookstown Greens at retailers such as Pusateri's and the Big Carrot, or visit their website for a complete list.  BON APPÉTIT!