Many people know we are a healthy restaurant that serves delicious and exceptionally high quality menu options; many also aren't aware of the full scope of exactly how far we go to protect ourselves, and our community from the harmful effects of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, genetically modified organisms (GMO), sewage sludge, and the list goes on... 

Glyphosate should be at the top of that list. Glyphosate, (aka Roundup from Monsanto) is a highly destructive chemical used most often in conventional farming practices. The use of Glyphosate is often lost in the umbrella of Monstanto's other warped farming practices namely genetic modification of plant species such as corn and soy. 

Although there are several reasons to Eat Organic, Glyphosate is a worthy reason all on its own to adhere to a strictly organic diet. As well, the clothes we wear, the cleaning products we use, and skin care/make up products all play a part in reducing exposure to harmful chemicals finding their way into our blood stream via skin, digestion, and air. 

The best way to minimize glyphosate exposure is to adhere strictly to a completely organic diet. In their formative, brilliant 2016 study, Anthony Samsel, PHD, and Stephanie Seneff, PHD, have discovered that glyphosate in Roundup has devastating effects in the human body.

"Glyphosate alters and destroys collagen of the basement membrane and extracellular matrix which surrounds each cell. This leads to the destruction of every gland, organ and tissue." 

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Kim Vidya, RHN, HOL