As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N), and holistic health practitioner (HOL), Kim has led hundreds of local Simcoe residents on her "10 Day Rejuvenation Cleanse" program, yielding life-changing results from countless participants.  Kim oversees the menu at Vidya's, ensuring it maintains a balance between nourishing foods and comfort foods, always in good taste with the highest quality, and ethical ingredients.

Most of our servers at Vidya's are also either Nutritionists, or very well versed in healthy nutrition. Feel free to ask questions about the menu and feel free to make an appointment with one of our nutritionists to help get yourself on track to healthier living. 

Kim's name "Vidya" was given to her by her yoga guru upon graduation. It is a sanskrit word meaning "wisdom/knowledge". When Kim founded Vidya Yoga & Wellness in 2008, she named the studio accordingly, thus naming the restaurant "Vidya's Veggie Gourmet" was a natural extension of a thriving community. Kim is also a Vipassana meditator, a Certified Yoga Teacher and founder of The Vidya Centre For Yoga & Wellness.


all organic ingredients

healthy food for body ecology

In choosing ingredients for the menu, the first emphasis is on organic. Every item in our kitchen is organic, from cooking oils, fruits and veggies, grains, flours, and even our spices. 

Our kitchen is 100% gluten-free. Our Cuisine Soleil organic gluten-free flours are also tested for gluten content below 5 ppm.

Our entire menu is vegan, however there are certain items that you can add organic "happy" goat cheese or eggs for our Sunday Brunch from hens who graze outdoors during the warmer months. 

We incorporate many fermented foods in our dishes which aid digestion and healthy metabolism, without any compromise on taste! At Vidya's we pride our menu on its healthy balance between "health" food, and "comfort food", offering options for all who may be venturing into the world of healthier choices.

Bottom left to right: Vida's Dahl with quinoa, pudla, Thai Malaysian Noodles, avocado spears, Buddha's Chocolate Mousse, tea and Warm Cinnamon Apple Crisp. All organic, all fresh, all YUM! 

Bottom left to right: Front hall entrance, Vegan caesar with chickpea tempeh, organic chardonnay, dining room, Vegan Honey Mushroom soup.