This past weekend we enjoyed the talents of many local musicians, healers, and health professionals as we shared our beautiful yoga-wellness centre and restaurant with over 80 members of our community! We served delicious samples (most of which were far more than samples!) that consisted of: vegan poutine, egyptian lentil soup, smoked mushroom sliders, vegan chilli, warm apple crisp, and juice samples. We also offered a selection of organic wines and kombucha from our elixir bar. 

This as a gift to you for sharing this past 2 years with us, and helping us to grow into a beautiful centre filled with conscious happy vibrations. We are thankful!

-Kim Vidya


Our fantastic staff (clockwise around) Kim and Susan, Henry, Kitty, Jessika, Annie, Desiree, and Brianna, Matthew, Kody, and Nicole. Also not pictured: Andrew, Tanya, Marie, Tammy, and Lisa! Thank you so much for all that you do. We are thankful. 


Our wonderful clients and friends! Thank you for joining us on our very special day!